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The Underfloor Heating Company Stretford are your local specialists in underfloor heating system installation, servicing, repairs and maintenance. We offer you top notch home heating solutions at very budget friendly prices. When it comes to providing warmth to your home, contact us today so that we can help you make the right choices.

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Here at The Underfloor Heating Company Stretford, our number one goal is undoubtedly client satisfaction. We have years of experience servicing all of Stretford together with surrounding local areas. Irrespective of the nature of the weather, by choosing us, your property will stay warm at all times. Get in touch with us today to give your family the greatest levels of comfort in your homes with our heated floorings.


Our company provide repair work services to take care of any issues you may be facing when using your underfloor heating. Such problems are quickly attended to so as to avoid equipment breakdown or a dip in heating system performance.

Routine maintenance

Just one of our major selling points is the provision of first class maintenance support for your current underfloor heating system.

A Breadth Of Expertise And Knowledge

As you may already be aware, underfloor heating operates with the help of an electric or water system either of which are capable of evenly dispersing heat over the entire surface area of your home flooring, thus creating that warm and cosy feeling. The Underfloor Heating Company Stretford are leaders in the repair and maintenance for both of these types of underfloor heating system and our highly qualified professionals can provide these services to both industrial as well as residential properties.

You do not need to break the bank to get yourself an underfloor heating system and in the long run, you will eventually save up to 25% on your fuel costs. If you are a commercial set up this could even increase to up to 50% on heating bills. So if you are seeking an affordable solution to bring warmth into your home or business, The Underfloor Heating Company Stretford is here to make it possible for you. We will ensure that your underfloor heating system is operating at maximum efficiency following installment. If ever you’re interested in finding out a little bit more about a few of the approaches we use and mention on this website, check out our How To Category & Underfloor Heating Tips.

Our staff of knowledgeable and professional service engineers are well practised in locating faults and investigating the root cause, which is the base for system diagnosis. They are also highly competent in the set up, wiring, maintenance, balancing and repairs of these underfloor heating systems. The Underfloor Heating Company Stretford will also make sure that your flooring is power flushed and will have set everything in place for an effective temperature controlled flooring.

Experience Smooth Underfloor Heating System Operation

Underfloor heating has picked up traction nowadays and it is now a preferable way to warm the home. Thanks to underfloor heating systems, you never need to have those unpleasant looking radiators in your house. They often tend to occupy too much space and they can even be a potential danger when you think about the possibility of burns in your home. By having underfloor heating, you will not need to think about this. Whichever solution you opt for, electric or water based heating, underfloor heating is great for all varieties of flooring surfaces.

Once you have installed underfloor heating, you begin to enjoy all of the perks of the new system and you naturally want to ensure it keeps operating for the longest time at the highest degree of capability. The Underfloor Heating Company Stretford is dedicated to the repair and maintenance of these systems and we will make it a priority to deal with any and all issues that might occur over time.

Brilliant Results Guaranteed

Our team of experienced and professional heating specialists will happily take the time to explain all of your options with you. You can be very confident in the skill of our engineers as they are taken through a stringent three weeks of training and testing and their performance is surveyed on a regular basis. All of our engineers are registered members of the Gas Safe Register and they always hold photographic I.D. that lets you identify them at all times. Our engineers will give you the best advice on your system’s health and what might be improved so as to boost the current efficiency. The Underfloor Heating Company Stretford is very proud of the fact that the services provided are of the greatest quality.

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The Underfloor Heating Company Stretford is the best company for all of your underfloor heating requirements. With our affordable maintenance options available, you are guaranteed to maintain the most efficient performance and long-term results. When you make up your mind to invest in a reliable, budget-friendly service that takes warmth as priority, get in touch with The Underfloor Heating Company Stretford and let the trained heating engineers help you to realize the best results when it comes to warming your home or commercial property.

Our staff at The Underfloor Heating Company are fully trained in designing and installing underfloor heating systems in both residential and industrial properties. Our experts have completed a wide range of projects in residential and commercial buildings throughout Stretford and the local communities. Our extensive experience providing and installing underfloor heating systems guarantees greater overall efficiencies from your underfloor heating system, which will save you money.

In addition to this, our company provide the very best assistance, guidance and information to all our customers to help them when buying, installing and programming an underfloor heating system. Our company also offer maintenance, servicing and repair work plans.

Is My Residential Or Commercial Property Suitable For Underfloor Heating?

All newly built UK properties will definitely be suitable for underfloor heating systems, since they satisfy the strict guidelines on insulation and air tightness. Older properties can have underfloor heating as well, because of retrofit solutions that provide high heat outputs.

The Advantages Of Having An Underfloor Heating System:

• Effectiveness: because underfloor heating systems heat up the space from the floor up and the heat is emitted evenly all around the room, they are a highly effective way to heat up your property.

• Economical: given that the water within an underfloor heating system ordinarily does not need to be as warm as in a more traditional heating system, less energy is generally used to warm your room to the exact same temperature level.

• Aesthetic Benefits: needlessly to say without any radiators in sight, an underfloor heating system can give a cleaner appearance to the space. Ordinarily, your floor surface preference is not restricted by having an underfloor heating system either.

• Health Benefits: those that suffer with asthma or dust allergies generally find that an underfloor heating system helps lessen their symptoms as it does not depend on convection and the movement of air and dust as a conventional heating system does.

Why Us?

We offer premium yet cost effective underfloor heating to suit your requirements. Contact us today to see what we could do for you!

With many years practical experience in underfloor heating systems, we assure you, you’re in safe hands!

We’re Gas Safe registered, and qualified to be competent to deal with your heating requirements.

Experts in pipeline design, simply send us your drawings and we will do the rest!

Competitive rates compared to other companies across Stretford.

Our company offer low cost servicing and maintenance plans for your underfloor heating.

We offer repair work not only on our systems, but others as well. We’re here to help simply give us a call.

Our pledge to you is to deliver the best service, at the lowest price possible. Everybody’s Happy!

We Are Experts Here to Help

Whether you choose to use a ‘wet’ (water based) or ‘dry’ (electric based) underfloor heating system, remember that you must always consult the professional services of a trained plumbing technician or electrician when connecting to a central boiler or electric source. While the underfloor heating we provide is extremely simple to put in and understand, we have to always point out the importance of arranging for the appropriate professionals to help you if you are to perform any maintenance relating to these essential supplies within your property. Underfloor Heating Company Stretford.

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Now you are aware of the benefits you’ll be receiving by employing our service, why delay? Whether you are self-building, refurbishing your existing property or a business owner, get advice from a skilled professional today.

With many years of practical experience in the underfloor heating sector, The Underfloor Heating Company was established for the benefit of customers and has very quickly become one of the leading underfloor heating installation, servicing and repair companies in the UK.

Our Experts Offer a Tailored Approach

Our company know that all projects and all clients are different, and customize our service to suit your requirements. You can be confident that our company will deliver you with the level of support you need so as to help your project run without problems – prior to, during as well as after the installation of your underfloor heating system. Underfloor Heating Repairs Stretford.

Our company will provide you with immediate access to suitable technical support and guidance, quick turn-around on quotes and drawings, very easy to follow installation handbooks and in depth user guides.

Our top priority is to provide you with an excellent customer experience alongside putting safety at the forefront of all things we do making certain that both our staff and our customers are safe. We will never abandon you half way through a job.

Beware of “Cheap” Underfloor Heating Quotations & Surprise Extras

What we find when quoting clients is the quote from the competition seems to be really affordable on paper, but when you factor in the electrical expert and plumbing professional then it actually ends up being less costly to use an all in one professional service like The Underfloor Heating Company.

The challenge with underfloor heating comes with incorporating the system with the existing heating system, or in the case of a new build, ensuring the electric wiring is hooked up correctly. You’d be amazed at just how frequently we see systems not connected correctly!

Forget The “Pipe-Layers” – Hire The Underfloor Heating Experts

Because our company also specialise in repairing other people’s systems we witness all the time the horrors and mistakes other so called “underfloor heating companies” make.

Our company see other firms boasting all the time about how many systems have been installed in a day – this is not what it’s about! Do you genuinely want your underfloor heating system installed in “record time” – no – you’d like it installed in a timely fashion and undertaken to a high standard.

Don’t forget pipe laying is merely the first step of the journey, the real work comes with the mechanical connections and commissioning, this is an aspect that our company shine at.

Why Then Pick The Underfloor Heating Company To Install Your Underfloor Heating?

• Our engineers are trained and knowledgeable in the installment and maintenance and repair of wet and dry underfloor heating.
• We have all of the required specialist tools.
• Our company use premium quality, reputable products for every underfloor heating system we design and supply. From manifolds to controls, all underfloor heating systems are supplied to individual specification along with a complete set of tried-and-tested components.
• Outstanding client service with warm and friendly help and guidance.
• Our company are properly insured and independently reviewed on Checkatrade.
• Our company provide a no obligation meeting.

All you need to do to get your free of charge, no obligation quotation is to talk to us. Don’t delay, call us up on 0161 214 1336 or you can email us.

Repair services for your underfloor heating are provided and within reach in Stretford. Our understanding of these types of systems and our operational experience in Stretford positions our business in an excellent position to sort out your underfloor heating systems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Many plumbing professionals and installers may not feel comfortable fixing your faulty underfloor heating system, but we can do this without any fuss. Our repair work services are detailed and comprehensive so feel confident that your underfloor heating system will go back to full functionality no matter what the challenge.

What Are The Reasons For Your Underfloor Heating System Faults?

Underfloor heating is generally pretty reliable and will work for a very long time before it starts to struggle. Whenever you do discover a fault, however, mending the issues as they materialize will give you longer periods of consistent heat.

There is really no need to stress that your entire floor covering will need to be taken up so as to carry out repair work. If it so happens that the issue is originating from under your floors, the specific Stretford where the fault is emanating from may be found via our thermal imaging equipment. Only the point of repair will be affected, and your floors can be replaced in the event that your underfloor heating system requires a remedy below your flooring.

Common issues with underfloor heating that our company have discovered over the years include:
• Faulty actuators
• Poor cables and wiring
• Air locked and worn out pipelines
• Spots lacking heat
• Incorrect settings with the thermostat.

Water and electric underfloor heating systems normally come with separate issues and you should really be conversant with them.

What Could Go Wrong With Your Water Underfloor Heating System?

Your water underfloor heating system may be faced with actuator issues, air locked or bleeding piping, thermostats that have incorrect settings or faults, or a heating system that has lost its pressure. There are a bunch of various other issues which could possibly come to light from your wet underfloor heating system, but none of them are impossible for our experts to fix!

What Could Go Wrong With Your Electric Underfloor Heating System?

Incorrect settings within an electric underfloor thermostat or a defective component are normally the cause behind the issues. Your heating system could begin operating again if you input the correct settings. The Underfloor Heating Company Stretford can help advise you with this.

In the event that the thermostat has become faulty, however, you need the services of a professional. This problem can be repaired by linking up the cables again with the correct tools.

If the installment of your electric underfloor heating system wasn’t adequately completed, the flooring sensor probe may be broken. In the instance that it requires replacing, this can be done fast by an experienced professional.

Your property can be back to its enjoyable state in no time if you experience any of these issues or some others not mentioned here. A fault does not inevitably mean that it’s going to be expensive or even call for substantial repair. Call The Underfloor Heating Company Stretford, a company you can rely on, and we will attend your home to help you as quickly as possible.

Underfloor Heating System Servicing In The Stretford Region

Underfloor heating systems are out of view and safe, and they possess the added advantage of being incredibly efficient, practically maintenance free. That being said, owners of underfloor heating systems should carry out some service on their underfloor heating system to see to it that it continues to run properly.

Our company will help keep your underfloor heating system running at 100% efficiency and performance by servicing it every year!

Here at The Underfloor Heating Company, our experts realise the value of your underfloor heating system to your home. We realise that it is the one supply of heating for most of our clients. This is why we have formed a committed team of experts to provide underfloor heating servicing solutions. If you find out your underfloor heating system isn’t performing optimally or when you suspect there is a problem with the heating system, our company are a name you can count on.

Under Carpet Heating Servicing

It is incorrect to think that you can keep putting up with less than optimal performance from your heating system merely due to the fact that the flooring has been done with carpet. Here at The Underfloor Heating Company, we realize the best way to service your under carpet floor heating system skillfully. Our company have committed experts that know just how to care for your carpet and general safety when servicing your heating system. You are truly in safe hands.

Using our robust state-of-the-art tools, our under carpet heating servicing starts with discovering any faults. We then take the time to lift only areas of the carpet that are directly above problem areas and get to work. We will excavate the area in the most effective possible way. At the end of the process, the opening will be filled up, and your carpet will be carefully replaced.

Floor Tile Heating Servicing

Floor tiles are cold. This makes things very easy to recognize when your underfloor heating system is no longer functioning at total capacity. Here at The Underfloor Heating Company, our experts are capable of repairing your underfloor heating system with tile covering.

It doesn’t matter if the servicing is to be done in the kitchen space or even the bathroom, our experts will always provide value for money.

Our skilled engineers will put safety first and foremost throughout the servicing process. We go above and beyond so as to keep the integrity of your tiles. Once we have performed the servicing process, our experts take the time to assess our work so as to make certain the underfloor heating system is back to its absolute best. Our efficiency with tiled floors sets our business apart.

Underfloor heating systems are created to work maintenance free for several years, making them beneficial for active families. It does make good sense, nonetheless, to carry out routine maintenance checks to prevent any significant issues that could potentially happen.

The Underfloor Heating Company can survey your underfloor heating system, and set it up to see to it all moving parts and controls are performing properly. If you have long term troubles with your underfloor heating system, it might be that there is a fault, incorrect component or even installment error producing the issue. Our engineers have the ability to very quickly identify such issues and solve them for you.

Crucial Maintenance Checks


One significant element of the heating system that must be looked at on a regular basis is the pressure to guarantee even distribution of the heat across your flooring. If you have a wet underfloor heating system, it might be necessary to refill the system, particularly at the beginning of the winter season. In unusual cases, the pressure can not be retained, and you’ll find that your flooring is not warming up evenly. If this materializes, it’s time to call in the experts at The Underfloor Heating Company.

Air Bubbles

One other issue that might occur is an air bubble. Should an air bubble form in your underfloor heating system, it can interfere with the flow of the warm water under your flooring. It is necessary to check that your heating system had air bled from it simply by examining the manual air bleed valves. Again, if this is something you do not really feel comfortable handling yourself, don’t hesitate to call our experts.


Another point of concern might be leakages. While this is a particularly unusual occurrence as underfloor heating systems are created so effectively, leaks aren’t unheard of. If ever you notice that you need to refill your heating system often, then you most probably have a water leak, which means the fittings will need to be tightened up. A more serious issue may require the manifold itself to be taken apart so that the seals and washers could be replaced.

Reasons To Choose The Underfloor Heating Company

We Are Experts

We are specialists at servicing system diagnosis. You can absolutely believe in our team to examine your underfloor heating system and arrange any necessary repair work. Although your underfloor heating pipes should not require any type of maintenance, they might need to be flushed in order to clear away any sludge build-up within your underfloor heating system. Routine maintenance and servicing definitely will keep your floors, and your house, consistently warm and comfortable.

On-going Help

As we frequently install systems outside the cold season you may well not start up the system for a long time. If our company install the heating system for you we provide 1 year of technical assistance, for free so even if you do not switch it on for some time you can still count on us to come out and help.

Routine maintenance Plans

The Underfloor Heating Company offers maintenance plans from as low as PRICE per month for both wet and electric underfloor heating systems. Our engineers will work with you to carry out routine inspections at a time that is useful for you.

For # 1 Service, Contact Us Today!

Our team can assist with the design, supply and installment of your underfloor heating system to ensure that you can focus on other areas of your project. When you decide to use our services you will gain from our experience and practical knowledge, which in turn will help you to get the most from the installation.

Our underfloor heating installations will definitely help to enhance the comfort of your home or business and it will also save space making your property even more attractive. We can put in underfloor heating on both ground and upper floors, which means that the whole of your property can gain from a high quality installation. Our company are also equipped to install low build up retro fit water based underfloor heating systems.

You Can Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Residential Or Commercial Property By Installing Underfloor Heating

Determining what you need is part of our service and as well as helping you to design your heating system, our experts can also help you with heat loss calculations. This will definitely make certain that your residential or commercial property is as energy efficient as can be and will also ensure that it satisfies all legal regulations and requirements while also appealing to prospective purchasers. Underfloor Heating Not Working Stretford.

Since we have worked on projects of varying sizes – from individual homes to substantial property developments – our installers understand what a first class service is all about. Our service will be tailored to your requirements to ensure we can fit in with your project as well as your time frames.

Our Process: What Our Installers Will Carry Out For You

Step 1: The Property

Send us the design details concerning your residential or commercial property over e-mail or post. Additionally, we may organize to attend your residential or commercial property.

Please make sure you provide as much information as possible including:

• Scaled plans (1:50 or 1:100)
• Full contact information
• Floor constructions (solid/timber)
• Floor coverings (carpeting, tile, hardwood and more)
• Favoured manifold position incorporating any unsuitable spots
• Heat source (e.g. traditional central heating boiler/ heat pump).

Step 2: The Estimate

Our team will go over the possibilities with you which will most likely be dependent on the flooring type, dimensions of the flooring space as well as individual factors.

Our installer will go off and study the floor layout, alongside the various other criteria, and produce a no obligation quotation for your underfloor heating installation.

Step 3: The Drawings

After you have confirmed your order, our engineer will work quickly and efficiently to produce a drawing layout detailing where exactly the pipes are going to go, coupled with thermostat controls and any additional information.

Providing you are happy with the proposed drawings we can then book a time for installation.

Step 4: The Installation

The Underfloor Heating Company supply highly trained and reliable installers with years of experience in the plumbing and underfloor heating market. Your engineer will be on-site punctually on the days agreed and begin work straight away.

Our company pride ourselves on our professionalism and promise that you won’t find a tidier, more efficient installer of underfloor heating systems throughout the UK! Phone us today for more information on the flooring types ideal for underfloor heating or an estimate on our professional services.

How Does An Electric Underfloor Heating System Work?

In an electric underfloor heating system, a series of electric cables or heat mats are installed under your floor. Electric systems differ in relation to power level, from approximately 100W to 200W per square metre. However the heating system and wattage you decide upon will depend upon:

• the size and shape of the space
• how well insulated the space is
• what the flooring below it is like
• the kind of flooring you’ll have on top.

Regardless of the sort of electric underfloor heating system you have, a trained electrical expert should always connect the underfloor heating system to the main electricity supply.

Electric underfloor heating is often placed on top of a covering of flooring insulation – so as to make sure the heat travels upwards instead of downward. This is initially applied to a layer of screed (made from sand and cement) or even suspended timber (floorboards on joists), to ensure the surface area is totally level.

The heating cables are at that point linked up to your mains supply. It will also include a sensor to help regulate the temperature level. You may afterwards make use of a thermostat to regulate the temperature level as well as pre-set the heating system to turn on or off.

What Temperature Level Does Electric Underfloor Heating Have To Be?

Electric systems tend to perform at approximately 25-31°C on average. Although it really will depend, partly, on the kind of floor you intend to get on top of it and what the ground beneath is like.

Where Can It Be Put in?

You can certainly get it installed anywhere you can get a power supply to. But because electric underfloor systems are usually more costly to run and less powerful than water systems, they are commonly much better suited to small-scale rooms, for instance, kitchens.

Why Opt For Electric Underfloor Heating?

When fitting an underfloor heating system, an electric package is normally the easier heating system to install as opposed to water underfloor heating systems. This means that the cost of installation is generally lower.

Wet underfloor heating systems have larger water pipes that need to be installed so more space is required under the flooring. This isn’t a problem with new homes and premises however, for older houses electric underfloor heating is often the most popular heating system.

The advantage of electric underfloor heating is that in existing rooms the wiring is usually slight enough to be installed without the need to raise the floor.

Solar Energy

Working with an alternative source of energy is also an option, such as solar powered panels or solar powered water heating systems which can produce hot water or electrical energy needed for an underfloor heating system. Phone us for further information.


There are a lot of brands on the market that offer electric underfloor systems such as ProWarm, ThermoFlex and WarmUp.

If you would like an Underfloor Heating System in your home, please do not hesitate to call us today on 0161 214 1336 to discuss our substantial range of products that our company have to offer.

There are 2 primary types of underfloor heating:

1. Dry – is powered by your property’s electrical mains supply
2. Wet – takes hot water from your central heating boiler to heat up your floors via a succession of continuously looped water pipes under the floor surface.

The result of this is that a radiant surface area is created; the entire floor space effectively turning into the heat source, warming your home from the floor upwards. Both equally are great ways of warming your property, however below are a few advantages and disadvantages in order to serve to help you make your decision.

Water Underfloor Heating Systems

Pro: Will Save You Money

Water-based underfloor heating systems are really a good way to ensure that you minimise your heating bills in the longer term. By using a thermostat and a manifold that is linked up to your central heating boiler, this serves to help control the amount of heat being produced and avoid the higher running costs that an electrical underfloor heating system can generate.

Pro: Reliable Throughout Wintertime

A warm water underfloor heating system is also very reliable even over the colder months. It is over these months that a water heating system can easily save you money over an electrical heating system, especially because electrical power providers have recently been known to increase energy rates during peak hours. Underfloor Heating Repairs Stretford.

Con: More Challenging to Install than Electrical Underfloor Heating

A wet underfloor heating system is normally somewhat more difficult to install than an electrical underfloor heating system because of the pipework involved as well as any troubleshooting that may be required.

Thus, underfloor heating that uses water is a slightly more costly in the installation stage, but on the flip side, the running costs are much cheaper.

Electrical Underfloor Heating Systems

Pro: Most Ideal For Smaller Areas

Ultimately, an electrical underfloor heating system is best suited to a small space, in most cases 1 or 2 rooms. This is because the running costs of an electric based heating system tend to be more costly than that of a water based underfloor heating system.

Pro: Simple to Install

Electric underfloor heating is a very good option if time is of the essence. A wet underfloor heating system can take longer to put in, and you are likely to need some assistance when it comes to at least some of the installation, whilst an electrical underfloor heating system is normally fairly straightforward to install solo. Nevertheless it is always crucial to ensure that you have a certified electrical expert on hand to connect the installation to your mains supply.

Con: More Costly in the Long Run

An electric underfloor heating system is much simpler and less expensive to put in, however long-term they have a tendency to be more expensive. If you are looking at a more substantial install over several rooms then a wet underfloor heating system will undoubtedly save you money over time, because by using thermostats you are able to regulate the energy consumption a great deal easier. If you take advantage of a smart thermostat then this gives you even finer control of your underfloor heating system and cuts down on your utility bills even further.

Underfloor Heating Queries

If you have any questions or queries relating to which type of underfloor heating system is best for you do not hesitate to give us a call on 0161 214 1336.

Alongside residential underfloor heating, our company also supply and install commercial underfloor heating systems for business organisations all over Stretford.

Whether you are an architect, designer, developer or businessmen requiring a commercial underfloor heating system to be designed, planned and executed without delay and to budget, we have the solutions.

From warehouse units through to academic institutions, healthcare facilities and substantial office premises, our commercial underfloor heating systems have the ability to service all of them !

Commercial Underfloor Heating Benefits

Water underfloor heating systems are a popular choice of heating with respect to new residential housing and apartments since it frees up limited wall space enabling a bigger space to be utilized for furniture and fittings, however there are also excellent reasons for applying it in large commercial projects.

Consistent Heating

Business and warehouse premises are quite often large open plan areas making warming them adequately tough work. Throughout the winter variable heat levels caused by conventional heating can lead to damp or even mould issues in addition to cold discontented employees! These kinds of large variations in temperature level can actually increase the likelihood of employees catching cold or flu viruses. Underfloor Heating Engineer Stretford.

Underfloor heating ensures a high level of comfort, giving a steady heat level across a room and is less susceptible to cool spots, which may be encountered with alternative heating system emitter types. It also benefits from lower convection rates than, for instance a traditional radiator, and thus less draughts.

By having the appropriate levels of insulation, underfloor heating has the capability to offer a heating solution, which saves consumers more energy and money in the long run.

Efficient Low Flow Temperatures

The low flow temperature levels used in water underfloor heating systems makes it an optimal partner for heat pumps, enabling the heat pump to work effectively and giving a higher coefficient of performance (CoP).

Low flow temperature levels also mean that a regular gas or oil condensing central heating boiler will work in condensing mode more frequently, boosting efficiency. Underfloor heating piping are commonly stipulated as 20mm in sizable, available, commercial applications although a hybrid heating system utilizing 14mm or 10mm may well be more suitable in some circumstances.

Excellent for Newly Built Properties

Underfloor heating is ideal for new builds but it is also growing increasingly popular for restorations as a result of brand new product innovations in this field. Whilst it is increasingly recognised as ‘desirable’ amongst homeowners, serving to help developers to market large-scale housing developments, it is also increasingly being considered as attractive in industrial developments for instance, hotels and resorts, health spas, office spaces and academic institutions. Here, there is unmistakably a genuine opportunity for building added value into a commercial property portfolio or high-spec development.

Cost Effective

If you are considering moving into new premises or perhaps doing up your existing commercial space, underfloor heating should be a top priority.

With our quick and easy installation process, it is the most cost-effective way to heat your commercial space.

As much as 50% cheaper utility bills, even more so if your workplace contains storage heaters and with little to no maintenance your running costs are substantially minimised.

Call The Underfloor Heating Company today on 0161 214 1336 to speak about your commercial property requirements.

Hiring Our Engineers For Superior Performance

When you own a great underfloor heating system set up in your property or office space, then it’s merely a case of ensuring that it’s properly maintained so that you know you’re receiving the best efficiency achievable. At The Underfloor Heating Company this is one of our areas of expertise, so you’re in great hands.

Our company have knowledge and experience with some of the very best brands in underfloor heating, for instance, Nu-Heat, Thermo floor and Ecohome.

Fully Qualified Experts In Their Sector

The engineers at The Underfloor Heating Company are unquestionably specialists in their profession. Each one of our engineers are fully certified. They undergo weeks of training and assessment, and their performance is assessed each week. Every one of our engineers is registered with Gas Safe, so you can be confident you are in great hands whenever you employ a specialist at The Underfloor Heating Company. Only via choosing the most effective heating and plumbing engineers can our company be sure that we are delivering you with the absolute best services to your plumbing and heating requirements. Customer service is our priority.

Our company also take pleasure in the challenge of working on substantial projects such as new build properties and redevelopments. Our company are fully up-to-date with contemporary concerns, such as the installment of renewable energy technological innovations and underfloor heating.

Your Experience Matters Most

Once at your premises, our professionals will take the time to discuss with you about what’s needed to keep your underfloor heating system running optimally. Our experts will also inspect the installation, to let you know what will serve best for your type of floor covering and ceiling height, and how much your property is properly insulated. You need to ensure your underfloor heating system is set up properly, to ensure our maintenance will have the most positive affect. Every time you enjoy our services, you can be confident that our experts will leave your underfloor heating system operating at top condition.

From our experience our experts recognize what our customers want – a job undertaken efficiently with next to no fuss. Employ our services and that is precisely what you will get.

Zero Surprises

Our company ensure that all estimates we supply are as detailed as they need to be, leading to no unpleasant surprises later on. If ever our experts do find issues that we feel are likely to lead to additional expenses, then we will be honest and upfront about them. This way our company can ensure that if you experience heating issues later on – unrelated or otherwise- then we will still be the heating company you are most likely to turn to.

All you need to do to enjoy your totally free, no-obligation quote is to telephone us. Call us up on 0161 214 1336 or e-mail us.

We serve Stretford and also the close surrounding areas including Sale, Urmston, Ordsall, Salford, Moss Side, Eccles, Hulme, Fallowfield, Manchester, Ardwick

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