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Underfloor Heating Maintenance In Manchester

Underfloor heating systems are designed to perform maintenance free for long period of times, making them convenient for busy households. It does make good sense, nonetheless, to carry out regular maintenance checks so as to avoid any serious issues that could materialize.

The Underfloor Heating Company Manchester can assess your system, and set it up to be sure all moving elements and controls are performing properly. In the event that you have long term difficulties with your underfloor heating system, it may possibly be that there is a fault, incorrect part or perhaps installment error triggering the issue. Our engineers have the ability to promptly figure out such problems and fix them for you. Underfloor Heating Engineer Manchester.

Vital Maintenance Checks


One crucial element of the underfloor heating system that ought to be looked at on a regular basis is the pressure to guarantee even circulation of the heat throughout your flooring. If you’re using a wet underfloor heating system, it could be necessary to refill the system, most notably at the start of the winter months. In few instances, the pressure can not be sustained, and you’ll notice that your flooring is not heating evenly. In case this materializes, it’s time to call in the specialists at The Underfloor Heating Company Manchester.

Air Bubbles

Another issue that might develop is an air bubble. Should an air bubble form in your underfloor heating system, it can disturb the flow of the hot water under your floor. It is important to check that your heating system had air bled from it simply by checking the manual air bleed valves. Again, if this is something you do not feel comfortable conducting yourself, don’t hesitate to contact our experts.


One more point of concern could be leaks. While this is actually a very unusual occurrence as underfloor heating systems are designed so effectively, leakage is not unheard of. If you find that you have to refill your heating system regularly, then you probably have a water leak, which suggests the fittings will need to be tightened up. A more serious problem may require the manifold itself to be dismantled so that the seals and washers could be replaced.

Why Then Choose The Underfloor Heating Company Manchester

We Are Experts

We are experts at servicing system diagnosis. You can absolutely rely on our team to examine your underfloor heating system and schedule any essential repair work. Though your underfloor heating pipes ought to not require any type of maintenance, they may need to get rinsed in order to remove any sludge build-up inside your system. Servicing and routine maintenance are going to keep your floors, and your home, continuously warm and pleasant.

Ongoing Help

As we frequently install heating systems outside the heating season you may well not turn on the system for a long time. In the event that our team install the system for you we offer one year of technical support, at no additional cost so even if you do not switch your system on for a while you can still rely on us to come out and help. Underfloor Heating Engineer Manchester.

Maintenance Plans

The Underfloor Heating Company Manchester offers routine maintenance plans starting from as low as PRICE per month for both wet and electrical underfloor heating systems. Our technicians will work with you to perform routine inspections at a time that is useful for you.

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