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Wet & Dry Underfloor Heating Systems In Manchester

There are 2 primary types of underfloor heating:

1. Dry – is powered through your home’s electricity mains supply
2. Wet – works with hot water from your central heating boiler to heat up your floors with a succession of continuously looped pipelines beneath the floor surface.

The final result of this is that a radiant surface is created; the whole floor area essentially becoming the heat source, heating your home from the floor up. Each of these are fantastic ways of warming your household, but below are a couple of advantages and disadvantages that will help you make your decision.

underfloor_rollWater Underfloor Heating Systems

Pro: Will Save You Money

Water-based underfloor heating systems are actually a great way to ensure that you reduce your heating costs in the future. By making use of a thermostat and a manifold that is attached to your boiler, this helps manage the amount of warmth being produced and avoid the much higher running costs that an electric system can produce.

Pro: Reliable Throughout Wintertime

A warm water underfloor heating system is also very reliable even over the colder season. It is over these months that a water system can save you money in comparison to an electric powered heating system, especially because electrical power companies have recently been known to raise utility charges during peak hours. Underfloor Heating Not Working Manchester.

Con: Harder to Fit than Electrical Underfloor Heating Systems

A water-based underfloor heating system is generally a little more difficult to install than an electric powered underfloor heating system as a result of the piping involved and any troubleshooting that might possibly be needed.

Therefore, underfloor heating using water is a little more costly in the set up stage, yet, the running costs are certainly considerably cheaper.

Electrical Underfloor Heating Systems

Pro: Most Ideal For Smaller Rooms

Essentially, an electric underfloor system is most suited to a small-sized space, commonly one or two rooms. This is due to the fact that the running costs of an electrical based heating system tend to be more costly than that of a water based underfloor heating system.

Pro: Easy to Install

Electric powered underfloor heating is an excellent choice if you are pressed for time. A water-based underfloor system can take more time to install, and you are likely to require some help for at least part of the installation, whereas an electrical underfloor heating system is normally fairly simple to install solo. Nevertheless it is always very important to make sure that you have a qualified electrical expert available to hook up the installation to your electrical mains supply. Underfloor Heating Manchester.

Con: More Costly in the Long Term

An electric underfloor system is less complicated and less expensive to install, however, long-term they usually tend to be more costly. If you are considering a much larger install over several areas then a water-based underfloor heating system will really save you money in time, because by using thermostats you are able to control the energy consumption a whole lot easier. If you use a smart thermostat then this gives you even greater control of your underfloor heating system and cuts down on your utility bills even more.

Underfloor Heating Questions

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