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The Underfloor Heating Company Manchester are your local experts in underfloor heating installation, servicing and maintenance. Our team provide you with top notch underfloor heating solutions at extremely budget friendly prices. When it comes to bringing warmth to your home, talk to our team today so that we can help you make the right decisions.

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Here at The Underfloor Heating Company Manchester, our core objective is undoubtedly client satisfaction. We have many years of expertise servicing all of Manchester together with surrounding areas. Regardless of the nature of the weather, by choosing us, your household will stay cozy at all times. Call us today to give your family the greatest levels of comfort at home with our heated floors.


We provide repair work services to take care of any kind of problems you might be dealing with when using your underfloor heating system. These problems are swiftly attended to in order to avoid equipment breakdown or a decrease in system effectiveness.

Routine maintenance

Just one of our major selling points is the provision of first class maintenance support with regard to your current underfloor heating system.

Wealth Of Experience And Understanding

underfloor-heating-installationAs you may already know, underfloor heating functions using an electric or water system either of which are capable of evenly distributing heat over the whole surface of your home floor, thereby creating that warm and cosy feeling. The Underfloor Heating Company Manchester are leaders in the maintenance and repair for both of these types of underfloor heating system and our highly trained professionals can provide these services to both industrial and domestic properties.


You won’t need to break the bank to purchase an underfloor heating system and in the long run, you will eventually save as high as 25% on your energy costs. If you are a business set up this could even increase to up to 50% on heating bills. So if you are searching for an economical solution to bring heat into your house or workplace, The Underfloor Heating Company Manchester is here to make it possible for you. Our experts will 100% ensure that your system is operating at optimal efficiency following installation. If you’re interested in finding out a little bit more about some of the methods we use and mention on this website, browse through our How To Category & Underfloor Heating Tips.

Our team of experienced and certified service specialists are well versed in fault isolation and determining the root cause, which is the foundation for system diagnosis. They are also highly skilled in the programming, wiring, maintenance, levelling and repairs of these underfloor heating systems. The Underfloor Heating Company Manchester will also see to it that your flooring is power flushed and will have put everything in place for an efficient temperature controlled flooring.

Enjoy Smooth Underfloor Heating System Operation

Underfloor heating has certainly picked up traction in recent times and it is now a favoured way to heat the home. Because of underfloor heating, you no longer need to have those awful looking radiators in your home. They have a tendency to use up too much space and they can even be a potential hazard when you take into consideration the risk of burns in your home. By having underfloor heating, you will not have to stress over this. Whichever option you opt for, electric or water based heating, underfloor heating is ideal for all styles of flooring surfaces.

As soon as you are set up with underfloor heating, you begin to experience all the perks of the new system and you obviously want to ensure that it keeps working for the longest time at the highest degree of capability. The Underfloor Heating Company Manchester is dedicated to the repair and maintenance of these underfloor heating systems and we will absolutely make it a top priority to resolve any and all problems that might develop over time.

Fantastic Results Guaranteed

Our team of knowledgeable and qualified heating specialists will happily make the time to discuss all of your options with you. You can be extremely confident in the skill of our specialists as they are taken through a rigorous 3 weeks of training and testing and their performance is audited on a regular basis. All our engineers are registered members of the Gas Safe Register and they always carry photo ID that lets you identify them at all times. Our technicians will give you the very best advice on your system’s health and what can be improved upon in order to maximize the current efficiency. The Underfloor Heating Company Manchester is truly proud of the fact that the services provided are of the best quality.

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The Underfloor Heating Company Manchester is the absolute best choice for all of your underfloor heating requirements. With our affordable maintenance options available, you are guaranteed to maintain the most effective performance and long-term results. When you make up your mind to invest in a safe, affordable service that takes warmth as priority, contact The Underfloor Heating Company Manchester and let the skilled heating engineers work with you to realize the best results when it comes to warmth in your home or workplace.

Underfloor Heating Services Overview

Underfloor Heating Services Overview

Our team at The Underfloor Heating Company Manchester are fully trained in designing and installing underfloor heating systems in both home and industrial properties. Our experts have undertaken countless projects in residential and commercial properties throughout Manchester and the local communities. Our wide-ranging expertise delivering and installing underfloor heating systems guarantees better overall efficiencies from your underfloor heating system, which will save you money.

In addition to this, our company provide the very best support, guidance and information to all our consumers to help them when purchasing, installing and programming an underfloor heating system. Our company also provide routine maintenance, servicing and repair plans.

Is My Property Suitable For Underfloor Heating?

All newly built UK properties will be suitable for underfloor heating, as they meet the strict standards regarding insulation and air tightness. Older residential or commercial properties can have underfloor heating as well, thanks to retrofit solutions that provide high heat outputs.

The Advantages Of Getting An Underfloor Heating System:

– Effectiveness: due to the fact that underfloor heating systems warm up the room from the ground up and the heat is radiated equally across the room, they are a remarkably effective way to warm your home.

– Economical: since the water in an underfloor heating system ordinarily doesn’t need to be as hot as in a traditional heating system, less energy is generally required to warm your room to the same heat level.

– Aesthetic Benefits: obviously without any radiators in sight, an underfloor heating system can give a sleeker look and feel to the space. Ordinarily, your floor covering preference is not limited by having an underfloor heating system either.

– Health-Related Benefits: those that suffer with asthma or dust allergies usually find that an underfloor heating system helps ease their symptoms as it doesn’t rely on convection and the movement of air and dust as a traditional heating system does.

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We offer premium yet budget-friendly underfloor heating to suit your requirements. Give us a ring today to see what our team could do for you!

With years of experience in underfloor heating systems, we assure you, you’re in capable hands!

We’re Gas Safe registered, and equipped to be able to take care of your heating needs.

Experts in pipeline design, simply send us your drawings and we will do the rest!

Competitive prices compared to other companies throughout Manchester.

We offer low cost servicing and routine maintenance plans for your underfloor heating.

Our company can carry out repair work not only on our products, but others too. We’re here to help just give us a ring.

Our commitment to you is to provide the very best service, at the lowest rate possible. Everybody’s Happy!

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Whether you wish to install a ‘wet’ (water based) or ‘dry’ (electricity based) underfloor heating system, keep in mind that you should always consult the services of a trained plumbing technician or electrician when connecting to a central boiler or power source. While the underfloor heating we supply is extremely easy to put in and understand, we must always highlight the importance of getting the relevant professionals to assist you if you are to perform any maintenance relating to these essential supplies within your house.

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